Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind

Areas of Competence

Aesthetics, Early Modern, History of Analytic, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics

Employment and Education

2015-present: Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, New College of the Humanities, London

2014-2016: Lecturer in Philosophy, Balliol College, Oxford

2013-2015: Lecturer in Philosophy, New College of the Humanities, London

2008-2014: Lecturer in Philosophy, St. Anne’s College, Oxford

2003-2008: D.Phil. in Philosophy, University of Oxford

  • Thesis: Semantics, Meta-Semantics, and Ontology
  • Supervisors: Dorothy Edgington and John Hawthorne
  • Examiners: Stefano Predelli and Gabriel Uzquiano

2001-2003: B.Phil. in Philosophy, University of Oxford

  • Thesis: On the Relative Priority of Thought and Language
  • Options: Philosophy of Logic and Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology, the Authorities for the Rise of Modern Logic
  • Tutors: Dan Isaacson, James Logue, and Timothy Williamson

1996-2000: B.A. with Honours in Philosophy, Minor in Linguistics, McGill University


2016: Philosophy South Essay Prize

2004-2007: SSHRC Doctoral Research Fellowship

2001-2004: Marion Buck Scholarship

2000: Prince of Wales Gold Medal, Norman Prentice Award

1998: Elsie Stephen Reford Scholarship

1997: Academic All Canadian

1996-2000: A.S. Hill Entrance Scholarship

1996: Governor General’s Bronze Medal, University of Toronto National Book Award


(1) ‘Commitment and Obligation in Speech Act Theory’, forthcoming, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and Humanities

(2) ‘Counter Closure and Knowledge Despite Falsehood’, with M. Blome-Tillmann, The Philosophical Quarterly (2014), 64(257): 552-568, doi: 10.1093/pq/pqu033

(3) ‘Deriving the Norm of Assertion’, Journal of Philosophical Research (2014), 39: 75-85, doi: 10.5840/jpr201472411

(4) ‘Indexical Reliabilism and the New Evil Demon’ with M. Blome-Tillmann, Erkenntnis (2013), 78(6): 1317-1336, doi: 10.1007/s10670-012-9422-3

(5) ‘Knowledge is Normal Belief’, Analysis (2013), 73(1): 69-76, doi: 10.1093/analys/ans127

(6) ‘The Knowledge Rule and the Action Rule’, The Southern Journal of Philosophy (2014), 52(4): 552-574

(7) ‘Knowledge, Safety, and Questions’, Unisinos Journal of Philosophy (2016), 17(1): 58-62, doi: 10.4013/fsu.2016.171.07

(8) ‘The Nature of Testimony: a Williamsonian Account’, Logique et Analyse (2013), 56(223): 231-244

(9) ‘On the Normativity of Speech Acts’, Stalmaszczyk (ed.), Semantics and Beyond: Philosophical and Linguistic Inquiries (2014), Ontos-Verlag, 9-25

(10) ‘On Representational Content and Format in Core Numerical Cognition’, forthcoming, Philosophical Psychology, doi: 10.1080/09515089.2016.1263988

(11) ‘Speech Acts: Natural or Normative Kinds?’, Mind and Language (2014), 29(3): 336-50, doi: 10.1111/mila.12054

(12) ‘What is Semantic Content?’, Baptista & Rast (eds.), Meaning and Context (2010), Peter Lang, Bern, 187-211

Reviews and Discussion Notes

(1) ‘Critical Notice: Scott Soames’ What is Meaning?’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2011), 41 (4): 575-594, doi: 10.1080/00455091.2011.10716764

(2) ‘Response to Hindriks and Kooi’, Journal of Philosophical Research (2014), 39: 93-99

(3) ‘Review of Cappelen and Hawthorne’s Relativism and Monadic Truth’, Logical Analysis and the History of Philosophy (2010), 13: 148-155

(4) ‘Review of Horsten’s The Tarskian Turn’, The Philosophical Quarterly (2013), 63: 629-632, doi:10.1111/1467-9213.12048

(5) ‘Review of Lowe’s Forms of Thought’, Mind (2014), 123(492): 1205-1208, doi:10.1093/mind/fzu138

(6) ‘Timothy Williamson’, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2016), doi 10.4324/9780415249126-DD105-1

Conference and Colloquium Presentations

(1) ‘Carey on Core Numerical Cognition’: 11th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic, and Communication on Number: Cognitive, Semantic, and Cross-Linguistic Approaches, 10/12/15; Workshop on Analog Content and Magnitudes, 03/11/15; ESPP2015, 14/07/15

(2) ‘Centred Contents and Attitude Ascriptions’: CCC Workshop, Barcelona, 01/06/12

(3) ‘Commitment and Obligation in Speech Act Theory’: Speech Acts in Theory and Practice, Szczecin, 13/12/13

(4) ‘Conceptual Realism and Psychological Nominalism’: Mind2006 Conference, University of Sussex, 15/06/06; Graduate Research Seminar, University of Warwick, 28/01/05

(5) ‘Contextualism and Relativism’: McGill University, Montreal, 25/01/08; Glendon College, York University, Toronto, 21/01/08; Context-Dependence, Perspective, and Relativity in Language and Thought 2007 Conference, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, 10/11/07; Third Man Seminar, Oxford, 16/10/07

(6) ‘Counter Closure and Knowledge Despite Falsehood’: Epistemology Symposium, Cambridge University, 28/05/14

(7) ‘The Epistemology of Testimony: a Williamsonian Perspective’: Departmental Colloquium in Philosophy, University of Warwick, 21/10/09; VAF IV, Leuven, 20/01/10

(8) ‘Knowledge is Normal Belief’: Joint Session, Exeter, 14/07/13

(9) ‘Knowledge, Safety, and Questions’: Joint Session, 11/07/15

(10) ‘Modality and Metaontology’: Issues on the (Im)Possible, Bratislava, 16/10/15

(11) ‘Modality and the Problem of Predication’: CeLL workshop, Institute of Philosophy, London, 13/03/10

(12) ‘Predicates and Properties in Truth-Conditional Semantics’: HMC meeting, University of Tokyo, 14/02/11

(13) ‘Speech Acts: Natural or Normative Kinds?’: SPR-11, Donostia, 11/11/11; Joint Session, Stirling, 08/07/12; PhiLang2013, Łódź 12/05/13; Departmental Colloquium, University of Western Ontario, London, 20/09/13

(14) ‘Statements: Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding’: Paris-Oxford Workshop, Paris, 27/06/08

(15) ‘Truth and Existence’: Joint Session, University of East Anglia, 12/07/09

(16) ‘Truth and Reference’: SIFA, University of Padoa, 23/09/10; ENFA4, Evora, 19/09/09; 8th Polish Philosophical Congress, Warsaw, 18/09/08; IHPST, Paris, 10/07/07

(17) ‘Two-Dimensional Semantics, Apriority, and Quantifying In’: ECAP 7, Milan, 01/09/11; Joint Session, University of Sussex, 10/07/11

(18) ‘What is Semantic Content?’: Context and Levels of Locutionary Content, New University of Lisbon, 4/12/09


(1) Comments on David Chalmers’ keynote address, ‘The Matrix as Metaphysics’: Oxford University’s 7th Annual Graduate Conference in Philosophy, 15/11/03

(2) ‘Response to Dimitri Coelho Mollo on Deflating Representational Content’: Mind and Brain Conference, NCH, 25/03/16

(3) ‘Response to Gregory Antill on the Ethics of Self-Fulfilling Belief’: Oxford Graduate Conference, 16/10/14

(4) ‘Response to Richard Moore’: MindGrad conference, University of Warwick, 06/12/08

(5) ‘Response to Theodore Locke on Grounding and Impossible Worlds’: Issues on the (Im)Possible III, Bratislava, 17/10/15

(6) ‘Synthesizing Two Accounts of Justification: a Response to Martin Smith’: Aims and Norms workshop on Judgment, University of Southampton, 13/04/13

First Year Undergraduate Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy; Logic (Introductory Level); General Philosophy; Frege’s Foundations of Arithmetic; Elements of Deductive Logic (Intermediate Level)

Final Year Undergraduate Courses Taught

History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant; Knowledge and Reality; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Logic and Language; Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Criticism; Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein; Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Thesis Supervision

Graduate Courses Taught

Semantics and Metasemantics; Philosophy of Logic and Language; Original Authorities for the Rise of Modern Logic 1879-1931; Thesis Supervision


Undergraduate level Philosophy: St. Anne’s College, Oxford (2008-2013); Balliol College, Oxford (2014); New College of the Humanities, London (2013-present)


Undergraduate Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Logic and Language, and Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein; Graduate Philosophy of Language

Interdisciplinary Talks

‘A Brief History of Epistemology: or, What is Knowledge and Why Should We Care?’, Ottoline Club, NCH (2014); ‘Externalism in the Philosophy of Mind’, Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Seminar, Christ Church, Oxford (2005);  ‘Meaning, Truth, and Existence’, Subject Families Event, St Anne’s College, Oxford (2009) – paper published in the St Anne’s Academic Review (2010); ‘What is Meaning? Locke and Frege on Language’, Ottoline Club, NCH (2016)


Cognitive Science Research Group, NCH (2014-present); Philosophy Research Seminar, NCH (2013-present); workshop on Judgment: Act and Object, NCH (2016); Mind and Brain Conference, NCH (2016); PPE Society, St. Anne’s College, Oxford (2008 –2014); Third Man Seminar, Oxford (2007); Jowett Society, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford (2003-2005); Graduate Conference, Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford (2002)


Ergo, Erkenntnis, Linguistics and Philosophy, Mind, OUP, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Quarterly, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and HumanitiesSocial Epistemology, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Synthese

Schools Outreach

PPE Open Day speaker, ‘Philosophy and Forensics’, St Anne’s College, Oxford (2009-2014); speaker, ‘Applying to University’, St George’s School, London (2012); speaker, ‘Studying Philosophy at Degree Level’, City of London Girls School (2014-2015)


English (native) and French (fluent): Bilingual Diploma (1996)


Available on request


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