Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Mind

Recommended Books


  • Chalmers, David (ed.), The Philosophy of Mind: Classical and Contemporary Readings (OUP, 2002)
  • Heil, John (ed.), The Philosophy of Mind: a Guide and Anthology (OUP, 2004)
  • Lycan, William (ed.), Mind and Cognition: an Anthology (Blackwell, 1999)
  • McLaughlin, Brian and Jonathan Cohen, Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy      of Mind (Blackwell, 2007)


  • Crane, Tim, The Mechanical Mind (1st or 2nd edition)
  • Heil, John, Philosophy of Mind: a Contemporary Introduction, 2nd edition      (Routledge, 2004)
  • Kim, Jaegwon, Philosophy of Mind (Westview, 2006)

Also check the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for the topics we discuss.

Tutorial Topics

  1. Dualism & Behaviourism
  2. Identity Theory and Functionalism
  3. Non-Reductive Physicalism and Mental Causation
  4. Consciousness 1: Knowledge, Modality, & the Explanatory Gap
  5. Consciousness 2: Higher-Order Thought
  6. Intentionality
  7. Propositional Attitudes
  8. Internalism and Externalism

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