Below is a list of my publications. Full pdfs of some of them are available on my page. Please feel free to contact me if you have comments or questions regarding any of them.


‘Deriving the Norm of Assertion’, forthcoming, Journal of Philosophical Research

‘Indexical Reliabilism and the New Evil Demon’ with Michael Blome-Tillmann, Erkenntnis (2013) (link)

‘Knowledge is Normal Belief’, Analysis (2012) (link)

‘The Knowledge Rule and the Action Rule’, forthcoming, Southern Journal of Philosophy

‘The Nature of Testimony: a Williamsonian Account’, forthcoming, Logique et Analyse

‘On the Normativity of Speech Acts’, forthcoming, Stalmaszczyk (ed.), Semantics and Beyond: Philosophical and Linguistic Investigations, Ontos-Verlag

‘Speech Acts: Natural or Normative Kinds?’, forthcoming, Mind and Language

‘What is Semantic Content?’ in Baptista and Rast (eds.), Meaning and Context, Peter Lang, Bern, 2010, pp. 187-211

Reviews and Discussion Notes

‘Critical Notice: Scott Soames’ What is Meaning?’, Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2011): 41 (4), 485-503 (link)

‘Response to Hindriks and Kooi’, forthcoming, Journal of Philosophical Research

‘Review of Cappelen and Hawthorne’s Relativism and Monadic Truth’, Logical Analysis and the History of Philosophy (2010): 13, 148-155 (link)

‘Review of Horsten’s The Tarskian Turn’, The Philosophical Quarterly (2013): 63, 629-632

‘Review of Lowe’s Forms of Thought’, forthcoming, Mind

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