Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Recommended Texts


  • Bermudez, J.L., Philosophy of Psychology: Contemporary Readings, Routeldge,      2006
  • Cummins, R., and Cummins, D.D., Minds, Brains, and Computers: the      Foundations of Cognitive Science; an Anthology, Blackwell 2000
  • Haugeland, J., Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence,      MIT Press, 1997


  • Bermudez, J.L., Cognitive Science: an Introduction to the Science of the Mind,      Cambridge University Press, 2010
  • Clark, A., Mindware: an Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science,      Oxford University Press, 2001
  • Davies, M., ‘An approach to philosophy of cognitive science’, in F. Jackson & M. Smith (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy, Oxford University Press 2005.

Also check the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy for the topics we discuss.

Tutorial Topics

  1. The Cognitive Revolution
  2. The Physical Symbol System Hypothesis
  3. Propositional Attitudes
  4. Connectionism
  5. Levels of Explanation
  6. Modularity
  7. Embedded Cognition and Dynamic Systems Theory
  8. Language as a Cognitive Technology

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